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The Trek

The Trek

The trek was one of the most memorable activities we did on the trip. Both of the treks we did were very different, the first one was short and easy, it was about and hour and a half and we were constantly going up hill.

On this trek we had to use a rope to help us keep balance when going up the extremely steep parts or just going across a pool of rocks.

It was on this trek we saw the claw marks where a tiger had tried to climb the trees, these marks were massive and there was alot of them. After seeing the marks on the tree I had my eyes so wide open, there was no way I was getting killed by a tiger on that trip. Although I was a little upset I didn’t get to fight a tiger, let alone see one.

Once we reached the top of the ‘hill’ there was an astonishing water fall, but I didn’t stick around to see it. I liked being towards the front of the group so that I could go at my own pace without someone in front slowing me down, so as soon as I reached the top I grabbed my hiking partner (Paul) and went straight down back to the front of the group.

The second trek was less exciting, all we did was walk what seemed to be the same path for about an hour. However, there were a TON of leeches. I got bitten 2 times, I was lucky, some people got bitten up to 17 times. We knew when someone had gotten bitten because you would hear a little scream from behind and that meant someone had got bitten or was about to be.

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The Guide


On the CEW trip we had a tour guide, but he wasn’t really a tour guide but he just knew everything about every place we went to. He was pretty cool since he was nice and smart so he would help us answer questions about the tribe or the rainforest or whatever else we wanted to know. I have since forgotten his name but he was pretty cool, he seemed to know the local tribesmen and the boat workers as well as being extremely knowledgeable about the belum rainforest. I personally didn’t get to know him very well and I wish I had.

This one time while we were trekking through the Belum Rainforest he pointed out to the group scratches on a tree where a tiger had tried to climb the tree, he seemed very knowledgable about everything which made me happy that we had him instead of some other guide.

When we went to visit the Tribe the first time, he knew all of the tribes men and their local language, so he was able to translate what they were saying and explain how they hunted and made traps.

He was also able to show us how they cooked their food after they had got it, for example they didn’t cook their rice in a pot with water but instead in bamboo leaves and water over a fire. We didn’t eat the food they made since it could have had diseases or we could have gotten food poisoning since the bamboo and chicken were not washed before they were cooked.

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The Food

It's not about the food.


The food on the trip was generally pleasant since they had two food options, Normal or vegetarian. This was good since there were a decent amount of people who were vegetarians on the trip so it allowed them to keep the same lifestyle they had before the trip. The food would normally be a buffet but one night we had a steam pot, and it was de-lic- nah it was ok. I honestly preferred the normal food since it was basic and nothing to eccentric. The best meal for me was the baked beans on chicken, even though it was quite weird it was pretty good.

I also think that the eating area had an effect on the food. We would always eat on the larger house boat since there was more space and two floors, one for eating and another for sleeping. It was kind of like a hawker centre, the chairs were plastic and the tables were like portable and cheap. The same day that we had the Baked beans on chicken I remember Brandon was very surprised by how strange it was but also how delicious it was, saying “I don’t know what this stuff is, but it’s pretty freaking good” and on cue shoves a massive piece into his mouth.

Since the food was served in buffet style people would have to serve the food, and being the model students we are Brandon, Alex, Alfonso, Katsu, Paul and I volunteered to serve the year group breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the days another group of people decided that they wanted to serve so they were allowed to and everyone said that they preferred our group serving since we were more organised and served better portions.

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